Maritime Corp. Industrial Commercial Construction


Travel LiftMaritime Corporation offers a comprehensive range of piling solutions designed to meet all build requirements providing effective solutions for construction projects. We have the resources and equipment to meet the needs of any project, on any scale, anywhere.

Offering a full range of specialty foundation services including retainer walls, engineering, marine construction services, geotechnical engineering Retainer Wall Installationand foundation solutions. Maritime Corp’s extensive experience in the field with qualified supervisors for over 30 years, continues to extend our ability to offer the best solutions for your deep foundation needs.

Our capabilities include:

  • Marine Construction Services
  • Sheeting
  • H-Piling
  • Pipe Piling
  • Wood Piling
  • Earth Retention/Shoring
  • Sheet Pile Cells

  • Helical Piles/Anchors
  • Retainer Walls
  • Bridge Construction
  • Docks
  • Boat Hoists up to 112 tons
  • Seawalls
  • Riggin pile Driver


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    Need Residential Construction?

    Boat Ramps
    Foundation and Mooring Pilings
    Boat Hoists
    Personal Water Craft Lifts

    shoreline developer

    Expansion and Renovation

    Taking over an existing structure? need to update your existing facility to accomodate your business expansion?

    Maritime Corp. has equipment and engineering capabilities to help develop your project from start to completion, as well as, extensive experience in industrial and commercial foundations for existing, expanding, or new operations.